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Dynamic DNS with IPv6

Predicting the Unpredictable

Thomas Peters

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Being a Telus customer, there is native IPv6 available aslong as you play within their rules. I finally got around to building a system to accommodate this setup. I am still determining how sticky the IPv6 lease from Telus is. Turns out that Telus offers a /56 Prefix as long as your router only requests an IA-PD and not a IA-NA.

iBGP Madness

Broadcast over a non Broadcast network?

Thomas Peters

in the struggle to get OSPFv3 functional between Wireguard Endpoints I ran into a few problems Using CentOS 7 for the nodes I was seemingly unable to get the OSPF to converge. After many hours of tweaking configs I landed at a solution. Not at all helped by the fact that Wireguard did not like keeping the Link-Local Address persistent. The following is what I came up with do updated the remote node with the correct Link-Local when the tunnel comes up as part of the pre-up commands.

Wireguard P2P

Why Doesn't this just work!

Thomas Peters

Recently after migrating my BGP edge router to a new VM I had issues with my Peers not coming up. I had changed the way that the tunnels had come up but not in a way that I thought it would affect the outcome. Turns out there is an extra option to get the destination set. Although hacky the following added to the wg-quick configurations did the trick.

Setting Windows Network Location

Public?, Private?, Domain?

Thomas Peters

Adding new interfaces or virtual interfaces such as VPN connections never seem to end up in the right firewall zone. Windows no longer seems to have a GUI option to allow you to easily changes these settings. Dropping to Powershell will still manage to get the Job done

Migrating to Hugo

Go Go Hugo

Thomas Peters

What is Hugo?

While building your own Content Management System can be a good way to stretch your your programming skills, it may lack the finesse of a well thought out CMS system already in existence. One of the things that I was looking to achieve was to create a CMS system that would export to static HTML. While I did have it running and working correctly. I never got the the “export” part

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