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iBGP Madness

Broadcast over a non Broadcast network?

Thomas Peters

in the struggle to get OSPFv3 functional between Wireguard Endpoints I ran into a few problems Using CentOS 7 for the nodes I was seemingly unable to get the OSPF to converge. After many hours of tweaking configs I landed at a solution. Not at all helped by the fact that Wireguard did not like keeping the Link-Local Address persistent. The following is what I came up with do updated the remote node with the correct Link-Local when the tunnel comes up as part of the pre-up commands.

Wireguard P2P

Why Doesn't this just work!

Thomas Peters

Recently after migrating my BGP edge router to a new VM I had issues with my Peers not coming up. I had changed the way that the tunnels had come up but not in a way that I thought it would affect the outcome. Turns out there is an extra option to get the destination set. Although hacky the following added to the wg-quick configurations did the trick.

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